Factbar Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Video Tutorials?

Various third parties have made tutorials in several languages. Note that Factbar is unaffiliated with these entities and has no responsibility or control of the contents:

Is there a reward for submitting a fact?

In order to ensure that Factbar's editorial process and claiming system and decoupled, our system does not provide any reward for the submission of new facts to the system, nor the creation of new issues, comments, or revisions associated with an existing Factbar.

Why are not all Factbars shown on the leaderboard?

In order to prevent performance problems with user's web browsers, the Leaderboard shows only sixty Factbars per page load. To see all Factbars, simply switch the Filter dropdown, at the top of the Leaderboard, to the "All" setting.

Another user claimed my Factbar, what do I do now?

You must proceed directly to the home page, ensure that you are logged into Metamask with the account associated with the Factbar, and click the "Withdraw" link. Note that in order for your withdrawal to proceed, you must successfully complete the withdrawal transaction within Metamask.

I tried to withdraw, why didn't it work?

Please open Metamask, and switch to the "Sent" tab to see the status of the withdrawal transaction. Your withdrawal won't be reflected in your wallet balance until your withdrawal transaction has succeeded. Here is an example of a successful withdrawal transaction.

I tried to withdraw. Why is Metamask is showing 'Insufficent balance for transaction'?

Every transaction on the Ethereum network requires transaction fees. Here are some video tutorials which explain this. To withdraw from Factbar, you need to make an ethereum transaction. If you attempt to withdraw, and your Metamask wallet has insufficent balance to pay the network fee, you'll see the "Insufficent balance for transaction" warning in Metamask. You have several options to fix this. 1) Add ETH to your account so you have enough in Metamask to pay the recommend GAS price. 2) Reduce the GAS price in Metamask. (But then your withdrawal may not succeed.) 3) Try your transaction again later, when network transaction fees have reduced.

I tried a claim or withdrawal. Why is it continually failing?

Often several times per day, the Ethereum network goes under considerable strain and transactions may take large amounts of gas and/or not complete at all. You can see ether gas station for updates, but unfortunately the best practice is to just try again in a few hours after the network storm has passed. This is a problem affecting all participants in the Ethereum network, not just Factbar, and we're hoping the upcoming network scaling solutions this year will reduce these problems.

I claimed a Factbar, why can't I see it in Metamask?

Your Factbar ownership is reflected on the Ethereum ledger, but it won't show up in Metamask. To see the Factbar that you claimed, please find it on the home page.

How do I change my claimant name?

For security reasons, you can't change your claimant name. However, you can easily create a new Ethereum address within Metamask by clicking the "Create Account" link in Metamask, and establish a new claimant name for that address from the home page.

Who made Factbar?

Factbar was created by an team of developers and crypto-currency enthusiasts based in North America and Europe. Since we expect our system to deal with controversial and politically sensitive subject matter, at this time we are running the project on an anonymous basis. Feel free to contact us for specific questions.